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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I prepare my space for a remodel?

1. We will be avoiding any areas that are not construction zones. With that said, it would be a good idea to have a construction free zone to place items that you may be worried about protecting.

2. A lockbox or access to the home via smart door lock, garage code opener, or a key to the home is helpful. This will minimize the headache of coordinating our access to the space, even if you choose to live in the house during the project.

3. Construction is a dusty process. Please move any clothing and linens into a space that will not be exposed to the construction zone.

4. Construction is a loud process. Noise can be a serious consideration in your decision whether to remain in the house. If you are staying, we suggest investing in good ear protection and/or soundproof your construction-free zone as best as you can.

5. Move furniture, valuables, and décor from the project area as we do not want to damage your belongings or accidentally lose it in the rubble. If you do not have the space, you can rent PODS or UNITS to store your items in the driveway. City permission is required to store on the street.

6. If you will be home during the project, make a plan to assemble necessary materials in order to maintain your needs for a bathroom and kitchen space. We’d be happy to discuss this further with resources we have.

7. Patience is an important piece of any successful remodel. We promise to provide patience during this process and hope that you will too!

Remember that our mutual goal is the final product. Let’s get there together!

What is Design + Build?

Design + Build is a project delivery method where SJ Design + Build works up a single contract with the project owner(s) to provide design and construction services.

SJ Design + Build is the go-to contact as they will coordinate all the details on the owner’s behalf, which then relieves the owner of the stress that comes with a remodel.

We will bring in a team of experts from each necessary discipline. This streamlined process is unique and often preferred.

Is Design + Build more expensive?

Quite the opposite! Due to the collaboration of various partners, this integrated team approach gives everyone the incentive to save money. Contractors will submit a bid for the outlined work, which ensures that the owner is receiving the most competitive price.

What can I expect from a Kitchen & Bathroom remodel?

Kitchen and bathroom remodels are similar in nature. Initially, the contractor and its team will demo any non-necessary cabinets, flooring, surfaces, walls. Plumbing and electrical will be roughed in. If any walls are being changed, these will be framed out and finished. Cabinetry typically goes in next, followed by plumbing and faucet fixtures. Flooring, appliances, and lighting are usually the last items to be installed.

Typically a Kitchen remodel can range anywhere from 3-12 weeks and a Bathroom remodel 3-6 weeks. This is based on the complexity and size of the job. We do our best to ensure all products are on-site or scheduled timely so that the project is constantly being worked on.

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